Where Should I Expand?

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by zhengc, May 11, 2016.

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  1. zhengc

    zhengc User

    There's so many to choose! Help!
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  2. G`day zheng, everyone has a different strategy of growing their city, there is no right or wrong way to do this whichever you choose your city will continue to grow.
    How ever the Burbs does have a brickyard and a Brewery which will be of assistance.
    Have fun playing and growing your city :D;)
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  3. misty55

    misty55 User

    i buy the cheapest and dont know what im doing, happy gaming xxxxxxxxxxx
  4. anoukjoris

    anoukjoris User

    Try to enlarge your mills as soon as possible.
    You need them to build new buildings!
  5. the Brickyards will ned upgrading also as they are slow producers
  6. EddieT

    EddieT User

    Each time you expand, the price of the next expansion increases. Because of that, I try to expand toward the useful and expensive plots first. I'd say expand toward the following: hydro power plant by the river, the two apartment buildings to the north, the broken bridge by the river (so you can access the beach plots), the access point to the mountains in the north, the access point to the eastern plots (not sure what it's called, I haven't reached the proper level to unlock it), a mud plot or two so you can place a brickyard, and a pond plot so you can build a brewery, and enough farm plots to place several mills and farms. Hope this helps.
  7. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Great advice EddieT. Do not forget the chateau in the northeast corner (upper right). By the way the expansion play field to the east (right) is called the Suburbs. There are a brickyard and brewery in the expansion. So it is worth a look at when available.
  8. Flowerheir

    Flowerheir User

    Before everybody start talking about breweries and beach plots, I'd say at the very early stages you should consider if you need farmland for your farms and lumber mills. You want to build as many of those as you can. Get enough farmland for that, and otherwise buy the regular plots which are cheaper. Then eventually you'll need to start looking for a claypit to build your first brickyard (you can see the needed level in the Designer Depot) and more to follow. Around the same time, you can also start looking at the two first of the plots that come with ready-built houses on them. By the time you need to start thinking about breweries, I think you'll already have figured out what to look for :).

    Is there anywhere I can see when the different "roads out" will unlock? I couldn't find anything in the FAQs.
    1. I've got the patch next to the bridge (which should lead to the beach), but I can do anything with it, so I probably need to reach a certain level first?
    2. What about the north road to the mountains?
    3. The east road to the suburbs?
    4. The hydro power plant is lvl 29, so I guess that's when I can make use of the patches near the "harbour"? Can I use the existing hydro plant if I buy the plot before 29?
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  9. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    YES Flowerheir,why not. Even I started to use it in lvl 25 and I'm now in lvl 29.

    Zhengc, I think that the best answer was from EddieT.I think that her strategy is the best one it may help you .
  10. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    read this

    yes you need to reach level 20
    You need level 25
    You also need to reach level 25
    No, you can use the hydro power plant as soon as you unlock the plot it is on. The other 4 you can build after you reach leve 29
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  11. Flowerheir

    Flowerheir User

    Beautiful, thanks a lot :).
  12. billyjim

    billyjim User

    Flowerheir. I would suggest you continue to expand in the main play field first before you reach the expansion play field levels. Even if you do not fill these extra plots right away you will have them for later.
  13. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    I'd suggest contrarily, depending on your needs, to go ahead and buy some of the plots in the other fields instead of focusing too much on the main field. While the plots themselves have a higher base price, by the time you unlock them they will probably be cheaper than the ones on that main field, and you are going to want access to at least a few beach, water, mountain and snow plots (not to mention the hydropower dam in the mountains and extra brickyard in the suburbs) as soon as possible to build a few types of buildings.

    Also, buying expensive plots will make cheaper ones jump in price very steeply just as much as buying several cheaper plots makes expensive ones with buildings or resources get much more expensive. I can't confirm, but I would think you'll pay the same price in total for all the plots irrespective of the order purchased. Finally, buying plots on one field does not affect the prices on others.
  14. G`day Arsuru, you are correct, once you have purchased all available plot the amount will be the same irrespective of the order you buy them.
    Thanks again for your valuable help:)
  15. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    Ah, that's good to know. Thank you for the confirmation, Tassie. Would you happen to know the total price for each field? I never kept track but it would be interesting to know.
  16. :D:D Nor did I will try and find out, not promising though.
  17. bcore120

    bcore120 User

    My suggestion would be to go to the upper left corner to get the Level 3 farm and Hydro Plant. Then start producing and selling wheat to be able to pay for the others and needed building supplies. You will want to buy enough farmland to be able to build the 7 other farms and 5 mills. After that make sure that you have the plots at the bridge at level 20 and the mountains at level 25. The big dam in the mountains is a huge help getting enough power to continue growing your city. Enjoy.
  18. BiggJohn

    BiggJohn User

    At level 11 I expanded north to get the Urban High Rise apartment. The plot next to it with the Distinctive High Rise increased in value to 310,000 coins. Unfortunately the apartment needs a Beer Garden and Smoothie Bar for the bonuses and I need to go up a few more levels to build them. It did increase my population to complete a quest.

    I am currently at level 12 and I expanded to the left to get the level 3 farm. The farm automatically started producing strawberries even though I haven't reached the level where strawberries can be produced. About four or five plots of land were purchased to get to the farm and the plot with Distinctive High Rise remained at 310,000 coins. The plots along the shoreline increased a lot.

    I expanded to the right to reach the Dilapidated Chapel because it provides 120 happiness. That was three more plots purchased and the Distinctive High Rise plot increased a little bit to 320,000.
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  19. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    BiggJohn is this a question or just a reporting of what you did?
  20. BiggJohn

    BiggJohn User

    This was a reporting of what I did and how the land prices increased as I expanded. I would recommend people at lower levels expand to the farm for production and the Dilapidated Chapel first. Since I am currently at level 13 I can't use the bonuses from the apartments until a reach higher level.

    I am trying to figure out if expanding in one direction causes the nearby land prices to increase at a faster rate than the land prices at the other end of the map.
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