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Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by BoTo0, Sep 7, 2016.

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  1. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    I'll try to explain better
    Each specialist has a number of skillpoints (for motivation, efficiency and alertness) awarded in the academy and won by promotions.
    This number of skillpoints ranges from zero to 50 (full bar)

    Better motivation gets you better quality medals. To get bronze medals you need at least 25 skillpoints of motivation IN TOTAL (between all the specialists that you send). To get silver, you need 75. To get gold you need 150 and to get platinum you need 250
    Better efficiency gives you more medals 25 TOTAL skillpoints gives you 2 medals, 75=3 150=4 and 250=5
    I could be wrong about the numbers but this is the idea

    If you have fully trained specialists (full bar motivation) and you send 1 (50 skillpoints), you get bronze medals, if you send 2 (100 skillpoints) you get silver and if you sent 5 you get platinum

    I think your second specialist wasn't trained enough to increase the total number of skillpoints over a threshold

    I hope it's less confusing now :p
  2. Arsuru

    Arsuru User

    The main draw of the higher medals is the exclusive permits with each type (which you can see on the respective booster screen), which are rarer than they ought to be, in my experience, given the stats of said permits. I recently decided to spend over a year's worth of medals after saving them in hopes they would update the rewards to include some of the newer permits. I got only one Old Fire Department despite having more silver than anything (17,000+), and somehow, two Futuristic Tower Blocks with about half that. Still no Observation Tower. I may have gotten another Manor, but I'd already had a few and didn't even want more. It actually seems relatively common. If you are after these permits, the patrol may help, but my results along with that of others that I've seen still suggest that that won't help much. They just seem to be obscenely rare in general, and in my opinion mostly of aesthetic value.

    Aside from those, and the aforementioned doubling or prizes, you can win anything from any pack. Platinum prizes do seem to be the most disappointing though. In addition to being the hardest to get, it does seem like you get mostly 1* RIs, and I've gotten a lot more of the lowest-level houses that you you start the game with from them, which just feels like you're being mocked. It may just be that you tend to gain less overall though so the less desirable prizes are more noticeable.

    Now, given the way the boosters work I would usually max Efficiency first and then Motivation. Platinums can only be gotten with a 5 person emergency. You can easily get more of a lower quality medal by using a specialist with lower Motivation. I actually kept a specialist with low Motivation so I could get four silver instead of gold in four-person emergencies, as gold only had Manors of interest. Obviously, that didn't really pay off. :rolleyes: But that's just some insight. If you max Motivation first it probably won't matter much, at least when you will keep them long enough to max both.
  3. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    I agree with you completely. Sometimes I feel like these exclusive permits have been deleted from the options. After several thousands of medals I still haven't got a Manor, or an Old Fire Depatment, or a Futuristic Tower, or an Oservation Tower :(
  4. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Hello BigWillem and Arsuru, thanks I understand more and more things now.... and sorry I did not answer untill now but have been on vacation for some days and only took a litle care of my town....

    Ther is so many great advises above but just one more question.... How do I use myvitamin-X most efectively? As far as I can see the newbees become specialised at an earlier level without vitaminx? Would it be the best thing to just use some but not max vitaminx for each academyeducation?
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  5. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Hi nennesby, I merged your two posts for you. Double posting is not allowed, the prefered method is to edit your last posting. No penalty applied. Thank you.
  6. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Sorry, forgot that...
  7. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    i don't know if this is true (it might be). I can't help you with this
    Honestly, I am not much help on this one either. I usually use enough vitamin-X to fill the motivation and efficiency bars. I don't know if that the best way to go or that I can do better
  8. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Thanks anyway, and a little happy that I am not the only one that does not know everything;-)
    But as I understend yuo, you donot use max vitaminx for every education....so may be we do the same thing...
  9. billyjim

    billyjim User

    No the specialist do not specialize at a faster pace, when not using Vitamin X.

    I have not hired a new specialist in a while. But I always maxed out their training when I hire them first cc's then Vitamin X. The more trained the specialist the better the chance for success and better rewards (medals). Better Medals better and more prizes.

    Now I usually use Vitamin X to retain the my specialists.

    But what ever you decide to do is what is best for you.
  10. Sbnrox

    Sbnrox User

    I have one fire department rookie that specializes in engineering. What does that mean?
  11. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    To respond to emergencies, and the emergency requires a fire department engineer. By using the engineer you increase your chance of successfully completing the emergency. Earning you more and better medals.
  12. shaman44

    shaman44 User

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