s.c.lynx apparently blocked, "experts" taking control?

Discussion in 'Game Discussions & Feedback' started by 7benjamin9, Jul 28, 2020.

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  1. 7benjamin9

    7benjamin9 User

    With s.c.lynx apparently blocked from making resets, "experts" decided to find out, which of numerous bugs in this game is causing multiple resets:

    please give us as much details as possible , why you request so many resets, this will allow us to know what issue you are facing and to inform a Dev to take a look at it.
    We cannot keep resetting accounts on a regular basis as it may break the account.

    Thank you!
    Your Bigpoint Customer Service Team

    So, here is the answer:

    I was moving various buildings around the playfields. Last what I remember, was one Golden linings estate building rapidly adding about 3.000 residents to my population with each move off-and-to mountain playfield.

    Then "no internet connection" window showed up. I tried to reload, but couldn't reach beyond blue screen.

    So how long will it take for Mr. Dev to look at it? Week or two, month? How long will they mess around my account? When will I be able to play it again?
    Please inform me ASAP, because I am playing this game for having fun and not for getting upset with slow customer support.

    I would like to inform you, that this ticket is opened solely for the very last event, which took place tonight.

    If you would like details for any other ticket cause, please reopen that ticket and send me inquiry.

    In the future I will be more concentrated on reset causes and will log them in excel file, as I do (to prevent being robbed by bugs-full game) for City credits, Metro Money and, hell yes, population number.

    Rising cities population count is, ofcourse, on another level. It is telling me (on regular basis), that I have more than 80.000 residents. In reality, 42.000 only...

    I am sending you a print screen of blue screen, which I cannot pass.


    Kind regards,

    Will keep you informed with the matter.
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  2. danda-vnovis

    danda-vnovis Board Administrator Team RisingCities

    Hello 7benjamin9, we have fixed your problem via support now and we thank you for the details you gave us for the DEV team. This report from you will be used for the DEV team to find final solution for your problem and also problem which cause login problems to other users too.

    Thank you

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