My hospital disappear

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by Betaaa, Jul 9, 2020.

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  1. Betaaa

    Betaaa User

    Hi, I clicked on "disconnect" in my hospital and it disappeared the hospital, the police station and the fire station.
    Where can I find them again? They just gone.



    You mean you clicked on "Deactivate" right?
    Well, anyways if you did that is a no big deal, you can easily just find it in the move section:
    And then click on the icon that looks like this:
    And then you will see this:
    And then notice this in the upper right corner:
    Lastly, click on this:

    Hope this helped, I also clicked on deactivate and then was not able to find the emergency buildings for a 3 weeks, so I know how hectic it is when you have an emergency that you cannot solve, but then I found them by myself after getting a little more familiar with the game....
  3. s.c.lynx

    s.c.lynx Game Administrator Team RisingCities

    Thank you AKTHEBOSS. For a great answer. I checked and your emergency buildings are in the (move) inventory. Just return them to the main play field and everything should be fine. Let us know if you have any issues.

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