It is difficult to be a newbe - so just some easy questions...

Discussion in 'Questions & Bug Reports' started by nennesby, Jul 24, 2016.

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  1. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Hi, It is difficult to be a newbee (but now I am level 18 so I am growing). And all though I read and write English I am not too good at it so finding answers at forum sometimes not suceed.. Could anybody - you all are so kind - maybe answer a few questions?

    1) Is it important to level up the emergencysustem?

    2) Is it better to level up houses than to build newones?

    3) Sometimes I need money and sometimes I need produktionpoints - how should my combination og workers contra capitalists be? Or do I have to change them often?

    4) The secret buildings - are they worth buing for my metromoney or do I have to save my MM for more important things?

    5) Does everybody allwaus need things for building things?

    Am I too stupid.......?
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  2. EddieT

    EddieT User

    1) I can't really answer that because I've deactivated all my emergency system buildings. However, as a general rule, it's always a good idea to upgrade everything in this game, including the emergency buildings.

    2) Some houses are better than others for upgrading. I'm finding that the more a house costs to initially put on a plot of land at level one, the more likely its worth upgrading. Hope that made sense. Building new houses is a good idea, but be careful to do it at thoughtful pace. Each time you place a house on the gameboard, you lose energy level and happiness level (it can be replenished with new power sources and decorations).

    3) Like you, I'm relatively new at this game (level 22 and counting). I've discovered that I need a lot of production points at this stage of my city, so I've put workers in all my houses, without exception. The best way to make money in this game, in my opinion, is to sell goods in the marketplace. However, be careful about being greedy. IT's easy to make a LOT of money in the marketplace, but, the things you sell are also the things you need to improve the condition of your city. Price the items you sell in the marketplace competitively so they sell quickly. Most houses allow you to change what type of person lives in your houses after initially choosing them. You can switch from student to capitalist, for example, every time you upgrade a house- for most houses. Some houses don't give you a choice as to which type of resident lives there. Every so often your City Hall rewards you with keys that can be used to switch the type of resident in your houses in case you change your mind after upgrading or reaching maximum upgrade level.

    4) I love the secret buildings, they are definitely worth the metromoney. They cause less energy loss, less happiness loss, are easier to upgrade and give you increased coin & production (whatever resident you've chosen to reside there) per harvest. Also, I've managed to acquire 2 Eiffel Towers (1000 happiness points each!) Also, check out some of the houses and power sources you can buy for metro money in the Designer Depot, they are worth it.

    5) You always need "stuff" to build "stuff." Keep all those factories, farms, lumber mills, etc., producing. I have 7 farms, 5 lumber mills, 2 brickyards, 2 bakeries and 1 brewery in my city. This gives me everything I need to build, upgrade and sell extra in the marketplace. I'm not saying this is a "magic formula" for success so much as I'm saying it works for me.

    Hope all this helps.
  3. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    HELLO, nennesby !! I'm in level 29 and I also want to help the beginners.
    1)No,it's not important but it will be useful .In higher levels, when there is an emergency ,they asks for four or five or sometimes six specialists so, if you don't upgrade them then you will lose the emergencies.But as you've stated that you're in level 18,therefore,you don't need to upgrade them now.Try to focus on other things now.

    2)It totally depends upon you that which thing you prefer but remember that if you upgrade some buildings then their next need became unlock and if you provide them that need,you will get more production points and others.I would suggest to upgrade such buildings whose need become unlock if you upgrade them.

    3)By changing residents every time needs master keys and it is not possible that every time we had the better way is that if you have three houses of one type then put workers in one,capitalists in second and students in third so that every thing will remain balanced.And as EddieT stated that to earn money,the best way is to use marketplace.

    4)Actually,I don't use my MM for them because every time when I've used it for that,it only gave me that small plant whose mood gain is just 30.but try it once or twice to know about it and makes your choice to use it or not for next time.

    5)I don't understand your question but if you mean to say that to make a building without using materials ,So......Unfortunately,It's not possible.

    No, you're are a beginner and everyone faces these difficulties in the beginning.
    Hope that this helped you.
    My English is also not too good.
  4. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Thanks to both of you - gave me some new ideas.

    Concerning the emergencysystem: If you have space for it, and you have the Academy, then it costs you nothing to use. I but no educationpoint in the Academi and I donot renew my staff, I just hire a new one from the Academy. It does not give me too much succes but it is free for me to do it in this way. I just wonder if I some day should upgrade my police etc....
  5. billyjim

    billyjim User

    The best thing to remember is that if you take the game to any extreme you sacrifice the ability to do other items you may need. Keeping the game in balance is important so you can have a well rounded city.

    Enjoy and build your city.
  6. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    I didn't understand your last post,nennesby but I hope that I've helped you in some way.:)
  7. billyjim

    billyjim User

    If you keep replacing your emergency staff everytime they will not gain experience and the more experience they gain the more likely you are to complete an Emergency successfully. You also get better medals.
  8. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    I keep on replacing them from time to time but when I hired the next one,I fully upgrade its first two portions and then the only remaining one is alertness, so when it gets some experience I just tried to complete that one to.As I've 267,000 student points.:):)
  9. billyjim

    billyjim User

    But that does not help with the experience and level of the specialists. But, it is your city do as you see fit.
  10. jelly999

    jelly999 User

    Yes, you're right ,it's my city and my unique ways of managing it .:D:D
  11. billyjim

    billyjim User

    ;) Go for it girlfriend
  12. BoTo0

    BoTo0 User

    Ok so here are few things I would like to mention(almost level 15 here so I'm even newer than you :)):

    1) Emergency system is OP. Build every building(no need to upgrade) and cover as much area as possible with additional packages(they are cheap and give happiness). The medals are great way to get rare buildings or improvements which placed in the right building are great. With only 2 buildings for edu points I already have 4 people for bronze medals :).

    2) Depends on the house, your activity and planning. You can check what the improvements are for each house in the forum and plan your future. I currently have - 9 vintage dublex(1 level 2), 7 urban cottage, 7 energy efficient row house(6 level 2). Going to build 7 brownstone flats next.

    3) If you need money you are doing something wrong - I don't want to be offensive. As others have said - market is your money maker so get as many buildings for production points as possible. At level 2 saw mill 1 prod. point = 70-80 CC.

    4) Great answer by EddieT but... I personally have problem with the power so I'm spending my metro money on power supply. I think if you are lucky to get a lot metro money(via the cineplex or the city hall) you can spend some for them. Otherwise I think it's better to spend it for power supply(which is highly limited).

    5) Yes you need materials to build better buildings or upgrade your current one(if that was the question). As you level up you will need more and more materials and buildings for them :).

    EDIT1: about the education - not every cadet you get in the academy is worth training. Train only those who have good starting values on motivation and efficiency.

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  13. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Thanks everyone - many great ideas;-)

    Hi, Jelly999, What I said was for Eddie who had dissable the Emergencysystem. I advised him to activate it without using money on it. I see too that some later answers propose educating people - I agree that it would be nice, but I do not have educationpoints enough yet - and then I do it in the free way.

    Hi Booto, You will soon be able to buy a coalpowerplan and allthough it is expencive it sovles that problem.

    Hi "those of you" that tell me that Marketplace is my money-maker. I have all the sawmills, farms, bakeries that I may and I still use all I produce so I do not think that is the best way to go....
  14. BoTo0

    BoTo0 User

    To make money the best(personal opinion) is the lumber mill. Especially the lumber which is made in just 5 mins and you can sell it for 140-150/piece. So if you have 5 * level 1 lumber mills you can make 20 lumber that could be sold for 2800-3000 CC. With level 2 the profit is doubled :).
  15. What is the best way to earn event currency like finger paintings? I am level 18 and have spent 27hrs trying to complete final stage of a event that requires 500 finger paintings, only 364 thus far with 1 hour remaining, I have been basically online all them 27hrs other than for 8hrs sleep and still cant get enough finger paintings? Am I required to use my credit card now at every turn of the game? I understand online games need to make money in order to survive and I have played many and paid for many but not so sure about this game, just seems like every turn you take it requires more real cash regardless of the time you put in.

    Just ti illustrate my example, I just collected rent from a level 2 urban high rise, 5hr timer, 480 cc, 360 production points and just 1 finger painting, at that rate I would need about 100 urban high rises to collect 500 finger paintings in 24hrs, doesn't seem very well calibrated ...

    No need for an answer, this game is not for me, 27hrs just to try and get a playground for 90 happiness in order to build a power station to progress a tiny bit is too demanding considering I could only get 364 from 500, time to find another game.
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  16. billyjim

    billyjim User

    To answer your question about earning building collections: The best way to collect fingerpaintings is to have your buildings the most sophisticated and upgraded you can afford. The number of residents in the building determines the number of fingerpaintings you receive. I think of it as a charity offer the more people in the pool the easier to get the small percentage to volunteer their belongings. Also the very early and smaller residences yield very few fingerpaintings.

    Sorry to hear you are leaving us but this game is not for everyone. Good luck as you look for something new.
  17. BigWillem1

    BigWillem1 User

    aWell, it's my experiende (not sure if it is really the case) that a just-build level 1 residence can give as much drop-items as a fully-build level 4 residence. So if you hve to choose between upgrading a building and building a new one, build an extra one. And it's better to build resiences with rent timer of 90 minutes or more, they are more likely ro give drop-items
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  18. nennesby

    nennesby User

    Thanks everybody for participating, I learned a lot and think some others learned too.

    Thanks Mods for letting the thread open for a while, I think we had a great discussion here. But now I started a new thread with some other newbee questions and it will be ok if you soon close this one.

    Hi FunkTheJass, I just want to tell you that I never use RM at online games. I know I progress slower than those who do, but this is myway and it is possible - I have reached high levels in other games anmd will do it here too... and I like this game bacause it is possible to get metromoney without buing them.
  19. HankBBQ

    HankBBQ User

    1) I think that emergencies are only worth upgrading at a higher level. They take up huge amount of resources if youre not so high leveled.
    2) It's debatable. I think new houses are better, their construction is less and they give you more event-special items. However, they take up more space.
    3) I think that workers are way more important than the other two, my ratio for Worker:Capt:Student is about 4:2:1. PPs are very important. However for events it's not the best strategy(and events are awesome--they give you the most PPs especially at lvl 16-20)
    4) I've never tried. But my suggestion is that Use the 349MM to complete the Flea market quest quickly because at step 4 u get mystery building anyway.
    Addiitional Tips:
    If youre missing CCs, sell Wood and Rolls, and also tomatoes.
    If you need MMs, just get them at events or booster packs. Never waste them at the City Treasury--The stuff there isnt worth it
    If you need PPs, complete events. Most lower level events have 5000PP at step 2-3, and higher levels have 15000PP+ at step 3-4.
    If you need more land, never buy them with MMs, even in discounts.

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